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What is MultiWave Technology?

What is MultiWave Technology?

MultiWave Technology

More than 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain, which can have a devastating impact on quality of life. Patients with pain sometimes experience a fluctuation in location, type and intensity of pain throughout the day or over time. The Precision Montage MRI SCS System from Boston Scientific allows patients to undergo a full-body MRI while benefiting from the pain relief of MultiWave™ Technology. MultiWave Technology enables delivery of multiple waveforms, including burst and higher rates, intended to help respond to changes in pain over time. In an analysis of registry information from 800 patients, it was determined that 72 percent used multiple waveforms to customize their therapy and optimize pain relief.

The new SCS system also expands the suite of Boston Scientific products that leverage the Illumina 3D™ algorithm, a threedimensional anatomy-driven computer model designed for simple point-and-click pain targeting to support physicians in treating chronic pain. In addition to the new Precision Montage MRI SCS System, the portfolio includes the Precision Spectra™ System, which is designed to provide broad coverage for pain with 32 contacts, and the Precision Novi™ System, the smallest high-capacity non-rechargeable device. The LUMINA clinical study has demonstrated 70 percent greater low-back pain relief with the SCS system in the Illumina 3D family, which was maintained out to 24-months.

Louisiana Pain Specialists

At Louisiana Pain Specialists, we believe that a patient should have choices when it comes to relief. Therefore, the MultiWave platform offers patients a variety of treatments via one device. These therapies are offered at our five locations across the Greater New Orleans area.

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