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What Is A Trigger Point Injection

What Is A Trigger Point Injection

What is a Trigger Point Injection? What are its Benefits?

Trigger Point Injection

A trigger point is an area within the muscle that contracts sending pain to other parts of the body. For example, referral pain in the neck may be the result of a trigger point in the back. The neck may then cause a headache, as a satellite trigger point. The pain may either be acute, or a dull ache. Trigger point injections are a procedure to alleviate pain caused by the contractions of trigger points where physical knots have formed in the muscle tissue. These knots are most often palpable. Since these trigger points are the cause of great pain and dysfunction, the injections deactivate the trigger points and provide instantaneous relief from the pain. They are most apropos where the trigger points are chronic and severe. Otherwise, during the earlier stages of development of trigger points, physical therapy is a successful treatment modality.

When Are Trigger Point Injections used?

Trigger point injections are most commonly used to treat tension headaches; neck and shoulder pain; temporomandibular joint disorders; low back pain; decreased range of motion in the legs; and other forms of chronic pain. They may also be administered in cases of fibromyalgia and myofascial pain syndrome. The most poignant benefit of a trigger point injection is the instantaneous release from the pain which has long term lasting effects. They contain medication that is devised to break the pain cycle, and by reducing inflammation, allowing the patient more flexibility in order to be able to participate in physical therapy for a comprehensive recovery process. As a result, the affected muscles become relaxed, allowing the circulation to flow and bolster healing. Advanced regenerative procedures may also be recommended for further benefits with longevity. There are other complimentary modalities available as well.

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