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What Are Cluster Headaches?

What are Cluster Headaches?

Most people have experienced a headache whether it is a pain behind the eyes or a pounding forehead. Some people suffer from periodic migraines, but have you ever heard of a Cluster Headache?

What is a Cluster Headache?

Cluster Headaches are a series of relatively short and sudden, extremely painful headaches that tend to occur every day for weeks and even months. They usually occur in clusters around one eye or on one side of the head.


Individuals who suffer from cluster headaches tend to get them the same time each year which causes people to attribute the headaches to seasonal allergies or work-related stress. When experiencing a cluster headache, the pain can be so intense that some people cannot sit still and others want to bang their heads against the wall to stop the pain.


Unfortunately, the exact cause for these unique types of headaches is not known, but cluster headache patterns suggest that abnormalities in the body’s biological clock (hypothalamus) play a role. Some triggers may include certain types of medications, alcohol, and even smoking.

Diagnosis & Treatment:

A diagnosis depends on your description of the attacks, including your pain, the location and severity of your headaches, and associated symptoms. Doctors will typically use MRIs, Neurological Examinations, and CT scans to access the brain function and rule out other causes.

There is no cure for cluster headaches. The goal of treatment is to decrease the severity of pain, shorten the headache period and prevent the attacks. There are a variety of treatment options ranging from oxygen and migraine medications to calcium channel blockers and even surgery.

If you suffer from Cluster Headaches or Migraines, you do not have to just deal with it. There are many options that can improve the quality of your life. Call the Louisiana Pain Specialists and schedule an appointment today.

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