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Tips For Exercising With Chronic Pain

Tips For Exercising With Chronic Pain

Tip #1

The temptation is too great to forgo exercise when you’re living with chronic pain. However, you should begin with a stretching regimen. Stretching properly can be very beneficial in alleviating chronic pain.

Tip #2

Walking is a low-impact form of exercise that can be done year round either indoors or outdoors, and the majority of people are capable of doing it. Walking is a strengthening exercise.

Tip #3

Swimming and other forms of water exercise are beneficial with musculoskeletal and joint pain because you’re buoyant in water. This alleviates stress on the joints and musculoskeletal system. These are also strengthening exercises.

Exercising with chronic pain


Tip #4

Yoga has beneficial breath exercises that can be done even in the event you’re incapacitated. When you become focused on your breathing, you become more relaxed and centered, therefore releasing tension. Movement and stretching within your range of motion can also be beneficial when you have chronic pain.

Tip #5

Aerobic activities are very beneficial when living with chronic pain. Aside from cardiovascular health, aerobics stimulate endogenous opioid mechanisms to reduce pain. Be mindful of your range of motion and try not to exceed it.

Tip #6

Tai Chi is a martial art from China, which brings focus to the body, mind, and spirit through gentle movement. It is a process towards mindfulness, and, as with yoga, also builds strength, balance, and endurance.

Tip #7

Pilates was developed to strengthen the core muscles, and eradicates lower back pain. It is an exercise regimen that requires proper instruction. Be sure to get an instructor that is well qualified to teach Pilates. Doing the exercises improperly can worsen your level of chronic pain.

Tip #8

Light weight and strength training is beneficial because they strengthen the joint around the injury, reducing stress on the joint when in use. It is imperative to pace yourself, and if you have been sedentary, inject sit-ups or push-ups into the rotation to gain strength while avoiding injury.

The physicians at Louisiana Pain Specialists are dedicated to practicing pain medicine in a responsible manner that brings relief to those that are suffering, recognizing that an accurate diagnosis is crucial in order to alleviate the pain.

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