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"Tasting Again" - Louisiana Pain Specialists Curing Long COVID Symptoms on WDSU-NBC

During the primetime broadcast on July 6, 2022, Louisiana Pain Specialists was featured on WDSU-NBC to highlight our groundbreaking efforts in the treatment of long COVID symptoms. Anchored by Travers Mackel of WDSU, “Tasting Again” highlights the struggle of patients experiencing distorted taste and smell following COVID-19 infection, and how a century-old interventional pain technique is proving to be a potential cure for these life-altering symptoms


Watch the exciting news here, which features interviews with Dr. Suneil “Neil” Jolly and our patient, Ms. Karen, who got same-day relief of her symptoms after undergoing a stellate ganglion block for long COVID loss of taste and smell.

Read more at the full article here.

And be sure to watch Ms. Karen’s patient testimonial on our Video Testimonials page: Video Testimonials

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