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Taking A Stand For Your Health

Most people know that prolonged sitting can be detrimental to your health, but you don’t necessarily have to become an athlete, or, according to a recent report, even move around much to achieve health benefits. In last week’s article ‘Sit Less, Live Longer?‘, Gretchen Reynolds of The New York Times outlined two recent studies that demonstrated that standing, as opposed to sitting, can slow the aging of cells in the body and extend life.

The first study, carried out in Sweden, demonstrated that cells age more quickly in people who live a sedentary lifestyle and that the single most important cause of cells slowing the aging process for the study’s participants was simply standing more often. The second study utilized a large database of health information gathered about Canadian citizens over several decades. It found that the more time people spent standing, the lower their mortality rates, and the longer their lives.

These results are particularly interesting for those who are managing chronic pain. Chronic pain can sometimes cause individuals to reduce their overall activity level, as it may be too painful to keep up regular exercise regimens or social activities. However, according to these studies, simply standing up can be beneficial.

While standing can sometimes be impossible for those with acute pain in their feet, legs, or lower back, it may be possible for the times when the pain is more bearable or for those who have pain in other areas. Making it a point to stand while doing daily activities, such as cooking, talking on the phone with loved ones, working at a standing desk, or even reading while standing may improve health in the long run, no running required!

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