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Spinal Simplicity’s Minuteman Procedure

Spinal Simplicity’s Minuteman Procedure

Dr. Suneil (Neil) Jolly, and Louisiana Pain Specialists are at the forefront of treating chronic pain with the most innovative and cutting technology, while reducing the need for long-term opioid therapy. We are proud to announce that Dr. Suneil (Neil) Jolly, is now performing Spinal Simplicity’s Minuteman procedure to treat chronic low back and leg pain caused by degenerative disc disease, spondylolisthesis, trauma, and cancer.

Back pain is one of the most common reasons people see a doctor, miss out on daily activities, or lose days of work. Chronic back pain is most frequently a result of natural degeneration of the spine caused by wear and tear to the discs, joints, and bones of the spine. Other causes of low back pain include trauma or cancer. All these causes may lead to decreased stability of the spine, which may produce pain during everyday activities. Your back pain may be broad or it may be localized, and it may include shooting pain, numbness, burning, and muscle weakness in the legs and feet. Pain that travels to the legs and feet is commonly due to the degenerative of the spine which causes nerves around the spine to become pinched. Properly identifying and diagnosing the causes of your pain are the first steps in obtaining pain relief. If you try and fail conservative measures for your back or leg pain, your doctor may recommend a spinal fusion and fixation surgery, which aims to reduce the spine’s instability, thus resulting in pain reduction. Typically, a fusion and fixation surgery involves bulky instrumentation, which may often lead to further degeneration of the spine over time. Dr. Suneil (Neil) Jolly, at Louisiana Pain Specialists is proud to offer a new, minimally invasive treatment called The Minuteman by Spinal Simplicity as a safer, less invasive alternative to traditional methods of spinal fixation and fusion to alleviate low back and leg pain.

What is the Minuteman device?

Spinal Simplicity’s Minuteman device is implanted into the spine through a very small incision with the intention of stabilizing the spine, which may cause a reduction of back and leg pain. It is an alternative to screws and rods used in fixation and fusion surgeries. This procedure’s unique approach does not require the “stripping” of healthy soft tissue, which leads to less blood loss, less post-procedure pain, shorter procedures times, and faster recovery versus traditional spinal fusion methods. The Minuteman is performed at what is considered a “safer zone” in the spine, which avoids potential damage to highly vascularized and neural structures. Often, The Minuteman can be performed with local anesthetic only, which also makes The Minuteman a viable treatment option for higher-risk patients who should avoid general anesthesia involved traditional spinal procedures because of their chronic health conditions.

Is the Minuteman procedure right for me?

1. Do I get pain relief when I bend forward?

2. Does prolonged standing or walking cause increased leg or back pain?

3. Do I get pain relief after sitting?

Did you answer “Yes” to any of these questions? Ask Dr. Suneil (Neil) Jolly, or your provider at Louisiana Pain Specialists, if the Minuteman Procedure may be right for you. Reduce your pain and get back to living your life the way you want!

Louisiana Pain Specialists

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