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Pain Scale: Help Your Doctor Understand You

Pain Scale: Help Your Doctor Understand You

It can be difficult for you to communicate your pain to your physician. Especially, if you are suffering from chronic pain, it can be difficult for people to understand your specific level of pain. You know how bad it is, but there are no tests, often, no outward signs – pain is invisible. In order to get help, it is not enough to tell your doctor it hurts. You need to be more specific so a doctor can figure out how to help you. Here are a few things that might help you to describe your pain.

The Pain Scale

Pain Scale

Everybody feels pain differently. That is why doctors tend to often ask: “On a scale from one to 10, how would you describe your pain.” Here are some quick guidelines that can help you rate your pain for your doctor:

0 – You don’t feel any pain at all

1 – You barely notice this kind of pain and sometimes you don’t even think of it.

2 – Your pain is minor, but can get a annoying at times.

3 – Your pain is somewhat distracting, but you can get used to it and function.

4 – This level is considered moderate pain. This means it is distracting and only if you are deeply involved in an activity you might be able to ignore it for a little bit.


5 – You won’t be able to ignore this moderately strong pain for longer than a few minutes. Working or participating in social activities will take some effort on your part.

6 – You will have difficulties concentrating with this moderately strong pain. This type of pain will interfere with your daily activities and routines.

7 – You will be very limited when it comes to performing your daily activities. This moderate to severe pain will dominate your senses. You will have a hard time sleeping.

8 – When experiencing this intense pain you won’t be able to move much if at all. You will also have a hard time engaging in conversations with others.

9 – This excruciating will make you cry and moan uncontrollably.

10 – This unspeakable pain will make you bedridden and possibly even delirious.

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