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Need A Legitimate Excuse To Get Out Of Helping A Friend Move?

Let Louisiana Pain Specialists help!

It’s fully summer in South Louisiana, with its hot, muggy days and afternoon thunderstorms. Maybe it’s just the time of year, or maybe it’s the improved housing market, but it seems like a lot of people are moving these days. And that means the dreaded request for ‘just a few hours of your time’ helping friends move, in exchange for the typical pizza and beer.

If you prefer to keep your Saturdays free for other pursuits (or simply laying on the couch enjoying your air conditioning), Louisiana Pain Specialists have a message for you: HELPING YOUR FRIENDS MOVE CAN BE DANGEROUS. We don’t just mean your friends who collect hazardous antique war relics or have a yard full of rabid dogs (although we might question your choice of friends). We mean your normal friends who have normal furniture like couches, beds, refrigerators, and dressers.

Lifting heavy loads without attaining a suitable level of core fitness and without proper technique can cause several types of injury:

We urge you to consider the numbers, and share them with your nomadic friends:

We suggest you pitch in to help your friends hire moving professionals, and head to the beach! But, if there’s no way around it, or you are just moving one or two big items, follow these tips to stay safe and keep your back healthy:

We hope you stay safe and back pain free this summer! If you do develop chronic or acute low back pain (or any other type of pain for that matter), Louisiana Pain Specialists is here to help! Call us to schedule an appointment!

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