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Louisiana Pain Specialists Parters with The NOLA Coalition

Lead by President and CEO, Dr. Suneil “Neil” Jolly, Louisiana Pain Specialists is not only dedicated to serving our patients, but we also strive for the betterment of our entire New Orleans community. To grow our engagement within city services that seek to improve the lives of New Orleans residents, we are proud to announce our recent partnership with The NOLA Coalition.

The NOLA Coalition is a diverse collection of over 430 local non-profits, civic organizations, and businesses with an acute interest in helping address public safety, for reasons of both life and livelihood. The mission of the coalition is to harness collective resources to create a safer and more prosperous New Orleans for all residents. They support actions to reduce violence, paired with investment in social and youth services to drive generational change. Along side the NOLA Coalition, Louisiana Pain Specialists stands ready to invest our time, our people, our expertise, and our money, to help make a difference for New Orleans.

In the last 3 years, The NOLA Coalition, in conjunction with its partners, has distributed over $15 million dollars aimed at strengthening social services to support our youth throughout the city.

Named a “Health Care Hero” in New Orleans by New Orleans City Business magazine in 2001, Dr. Jolly, has committed his practice to bettering the lives of his patients and to serve his beloved community. He Jolly spent almost 15 years away from his home in New Orleans while completing his medical training. At the end of it all, and with multiple other opportunities to continue his career across the country, Dr. Jolly knew his calling was to return to New Orleans and to serve his hometown. He has been involved in public health education and outreach events, sharing his knowledge and expertise with both patients and providers. As a true New Orleanian and “neighbor to all,” Dr. Jolly focuses his outreach on our city’s healthcare and education disparities. 

Louisiana Pain Specialists is proud to expand our civic engagement and more fully immerse our organization into the actions that will drive New Orleans into being a healthier, safer, and better community for all its citizens.

To learn more about The NOLA Coalition:

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