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Louisiana Pain Specialists Hosts Patient Education Seminar During Pain Awareness Month


At Louisiana Pain Specialists, patient care goes beyond the clinic. This week, Dr. Neil Jolly, Dr. Erik Davis, and Dr. Eric Sterne, alongside Boston Scientfic, hosted a patient education seminar at Jefferson Parish Library to discuss some of the latest advancements in the treatment of chronic pain. 


Before a Q&A session, our physicians highlighted just some of the procedures performed at Louisiana Pain Specialists, including spinal cord stimulation therapy, the Vertiflex procedure, and radiofrequency ablation.  

To learn more about these therapies, check out are Treatments page here:

We can proudly share success stories for each of the procedures discussed at the event! You can learn more from the patients themselves at our YouTube page here

Call us today for an appointment to discuss how these, or any of our other evidence-based treatment options, may help you or a loved one struggling with chronic pain. 504-754-2334 



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