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Louisiana Pain Specialists and the New VIA DISC Procedure

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Louisiana Pain Specialists is excited to become one of the very first interventional pain management practices in the Gulf Coast region to offer the new, clinically proven treatment option, VIA Disc, for low back pain caused by degenerative disc disease (DDD). We cannot wait to track our patients' success with this therapy, especially those for whom other traditional therapies have failed and who want to avoid more invasive, higher-risk interventions, such as surgery.

Disc Anatomy and Function

The spine is composed of two main structural components:

  1. Vertebrae
  2. Intervertebral discs

The vertebrae are the bones of the spine that function to protect the spinal cord and support the upper body. Each vertebrae is separated by an intervertebral disc which acts to cushion against impact and to provide flexibility to support your body’s ability to bend and rotate.

One of the most common causes of low back pain is degeneration of the disc, collectively known as degenerative disc disease (DDD). Age-related wear and tear on the disc can cause degeneration; this degeneration is characterized by loss of disc height and loss of water and nutrient content of the disc.  These structural changes in the disc can put strain on the nerve, pressure on the spine, and may ultimately cause pain.

VIA Disc for DDD

If you suffer from low back pain caused by DDD or discogenic pain, VIA Disc could be an option – not only for relieving the pain but reversing the damage and repairing the discs from the inside.  This cutting-edge therapy is a non-surgical treatment option for patients suffering from chronic lower back pain resulting from DDD.

VIA Disc is a non-surgical, minimally-invasive injectable graft that uses tissue and disc material to repair degenerated discs. VIA Disc material is delivered via simple injection into the degenerated disc. Over the course of the next several weeks after the injection, the VIA Disc material supplements the degenerated disc causing it to regenerate and repair. This clinically-proven process should lead to pain relief and improved function.

If you or someone you know is suffering from low back pain and you think it may be caused by DDD, seek treatment at Louisiana Pain Specialists to learn more about this new, cutting-edge therapy. It may be the key to taking your life back from chronic pain!

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