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Louisiana Pain Specialists and Hurricane Ida

Louisiana Pain Specialists and Hurricane Ida

To Our Louisiana Family:

Hurricane Ida

From everyone at Louisiana Pain Specialists, we hope this finds you and your loved ones safe. We know that Hurricane Ida caused great loss for many of you, both personally and professionally. Our team has been working hard to continue patient care as seamlessly as possible during these incredibly difficult times. There will surely be more obstacles in the future, but please know that we will continue to do our best to serve the needs of our patients. Many of our own staff are also victims of Ida’s extreme devastation. We vow to do everything we can as a company to also take care of our own.

While we take great pride in the patient care we provide, we also feel a tremendous responsibility to all of the communities that we serve and beyond. In the coming weeks and months, Louisiana Pain Specialists plans to be deeply involved in the rebuilding and recovery efforts throughout Louisiana. We are honored to be a position to help our community rebuild.

This is not the first time Louisiana has felt great pain. It will also not be the last. But as we have learned time and time again in our great city and state, hardship brings out the best in people and in the community. We pray for all of you who were affected by Hurricane Ida, and we are beside you in hoping for much brighter days ahead.


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