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Is ViaDisc Right for your Low Back Pain?

You may have recently seen Dr. Suneil "Neil" Jolly featured on Fox8 discussing some of our latest treatment options for chronic pain, including the ViaDisc procedure. Do you have chronic low back pain that has not been relieved by more traditional treatments, including physical therapy, chiropractic care, and anti-inflammatory medications? ViaDisc may be an excellent treatment option for you!

What is ViaDisc?

Viadisc, short for Viable Intervertebral Disc, is a cutting-edge procedure designed to address degenerative disc diseases and related spinal disorders. The intervertebral discs act as cushions between the vertebrae, providing flexibility and support to the spine. However, over time, these discs can deteriorate due to aging, injury, or other factors, leading to pain, reduced mobility, and decreased quality of life.


The Viadisc procedure aims to restore the health and functionality of intervertebral discs by leveraging regenerative medicine techniques.  VIA Disc NP is a non-surgical, off-the-shelf, processed human nucleus pulposus (NP) allograft intended to supplement degenerated intervertebral discs. This material is delivered via simple injection in a procedure that takes less than five minutes. Unlike traditional treatments that may focus on managing symptoms, Viadisc targets the root cause of the problem by promoting the regeneration of damaged or degenerated disc tissue. 

Viadisc is typically performed using a minimally invasive approach, which means smaller incisions, reduced risk of complications, and quicker recovery times compared to traditional open surgeries. This aspect makes the procedure attractive to individuals seeking effective treatment with minimal disruption to their daily lives

Potential Benefits of ViaDisc

By targeting the root cause of spinal pain – the degenerated disc – Viadisc aims to provide long-term relief from chronic pain associated with spinal conditions. Successful Viadisc procedures may result in improved spinal flexibility and mobility, allowing individuals to regain a more active and dynamic lifestyle. With the potential for sustained improvement, Viadisc may reduce the need for long-term dependence on pain medications, offering a more holistic approach to spinal health.

If you are struggling with chronic low back pain, contact our office today to make an appointment with one of our expert board-certified physicans to find out of this treatment option may work for you! 



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