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How to deal with chronic pain and a desk job

How to deal with chronic pain and a desk job

Chronic pain and a desk job

When you have a 9 to 5 job where you’re constantly sitting at a desk, chronic pain can really set in. Pain pills can cause drowsiness and brain fog in some instances. It’s difficult to do your job properly when you’re not alert and on task. What is the best way to deal with chronic pain and a desk job?

The worst challenge chronic pain sufferers face in the workplace is staying employed. Chronic pain sufferers call in sick more frequently than their co-workers. Because they call in frequently, if they are able to remain employed, they gain the reputation of being unreliable and are passed over by management for promotions. Also, chronic pain sufferers can often be perceived as complainers or slackers when limitations prohibit them from performing job duties as outlined in their job description. Nearly 1/3 of chronic pain sufferers also suffer with anxiety and depression, as well as other mental health issues. This will cause these employees to feel even more isolated and stigmatized. Their coworkers may not be able to understand the level of pain they have, and see them as someone avoiding work. In turn, these co-workers may ostracize the pain sufferer due to a misconception of the sufferer’s condition. It is not necessarily wise to withhold information about chronic pain in the workplace.


Failing to reveal the problem could be misconstrued as incompetence on the sufferers part. By revealing the source of the pain, sufferers may be able to forego a task that is physically taxing for another task that is less taxing, therefore not being regarded as slacking in their duties. Other accommodations could also be made to help you do your job. For example, ergonomic equipment could be obtained by the employer to enable an employee to perform their job as well as an employee can be allowed to stand or move about throughout the workday to avoid an uncomfortable situation that could hinder their performance.

If you’re a chronic pain sufferer, contact Louisiana Pain Specialists for the appropriate treatment modality for your health situation.

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