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How Can Bad Posture Cause Neck and Back Pain?

How Can Bad Posture Cause Neck and Back Pain?

Neck and Back Pain

It’s with very good reason that your Mom told you to sit up straight and hold your shoulders back. She wanted you to sit and stand with good posture. Whether we like it or not, Mother was right. Bad posture can cause neck and back pain, which can be avoided by maintaining good posture. If the head and spine are not aligned optimally, the neck can be inclined to become injured and/or have the degenerative effects of wear and tear over a long period of time. By failing to maintain optimal alignment between the head and spine, blood vessels and nerves become constricted, which in turn causes problems with your muscles, discs, and joints.

Characteristics of neck and back pain caused by poor posture:

The characteristics to be aware of are as follows:
1. The pain worsens at a certain time of day, such as in the evening versus in the morning after a good night’s rest.
2. The pain begins in the neck, traveling down the spine and into the lower back.
3. The pain lessens when you shift positions while sitting or standing.
4. The pain comes on suddenly, and coincides with, for example, the purchase of a new chair, beginning a new job, or the purchase of a new vehicle.

The most common type of low back pain is known as axial low back pain and is usually a non-specific type of pain. Approximately 90% of low back pain sufferers recover within a six week time frame. However, if the pain persists over a 6-8 week period, additional testing becomes necessary. When chronic low back pain impedes your ability to function in daily life, the cause may be degenerative disc disease or another equally serious health problem demanding further medical treatment.

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