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Halloween Injuries And How To Prevent Them

Halloween Injuries And How To Prevent Them

Halloween Injuries And How To Prevent Them

Halloween night and trick-or-treating belong together. Before you head out consider some safety tips to make sure nobody gets hurt during this time of year.

Walking Through Your Neighborhood At Night

This is New Orleans and we know that our streets and sidewalks need work. When heading out of trick-or-treating uneven sidewalks and long costumes combined can lead to trips and falls. Make sure your child can walk easily in his or her costume. Hem baggy, over-sized costumes to prevent them from dragging across the ground. Take a flashlight with you to make sure you can see what lies in front of you.

You should make sure your children keep to the sidewalks and avoid dangerous intersections. Also, consider adding reflective tape to their costumes so they’re more visible in the dark.

Take A Closer Look At Your Costume

Masks are fun but can be dangerous to wear while walking at night. Make sure the eye-holes in your mask are big enough for adequate vision. You’ll most likely go trick-or- treating at night so you do not want your, or your child’s vision to be impaired. You can take some scissors and widen the eye holes to allow for better peripheral vision. If you or your child will be wearing a mask for evening trick-or-treating or a night Halloween party, lift the mask while walking over unstable ground or dark pavement, experts suggest.

When it comes to the material of your child’s choose costumes pick one that is made from flame retardant materials. You could even encourage your neighborhood to swap out traditional tea lights for LED versions.

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