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Dr. Suneil "Neil" Jolly Performs New Orleans' First Aurora ZIP Procedure

At Louisiana Pain Specialists, we are treating low back pain without surgery by offering our patients clinically proven treatments with quick recovery times. If you are among the millions of people suffering from chronic low back pain or leg pain resulting from a back problem, there is a promising new treatment available at Louisiana Pain Specialists called the Aurora Zip Lumbar Fusion. We are excited to announce that Dr.Suneil “Neil” Jolly, in partnership with Dr. Sebastian Koga, recently performed New Orleans’ very first ZIP procedure! We can't wait to track our patient's success from this procedure and share their story with you! 

The Aurora ZIP Lumbar Fusion is a minimally-invasive alternative to surgery for patients who might have otherwise failed more traditional treatment options for their low back and leg pain.

Is the Aurora ZIP Lumbar Fusion an option for me?

The Aurora ZIP Lumbar Fixation is a good option if you have spinal instability, a condition where your spine moves abnormally. Spinal instability may cause you to have low back pain and may lead to the “pinching” of spinal nerves, therefore causing shooting leg pains, numbness, and weakness.

The Aurora ZIP Fusion is used to treat spinal instability if you have been diagnosed with any of the following conditions:

How does the Aurora ZIP Lumbar Fusion work?

Your doctor places a small metal device, the Aurora ZIP Interspinous Spacer, between two backbones, at a place where your spine is unstable.

The spacer acts as a bridge between two backbones to strengthen and straighten the spine. In medical terms, this is a fusion.


Traditionally, a fusion is performed by spine surgeons through extensive back surgery that requires general anesthesia. The surgeons drill metal screws into the backbones and there is some trauma to the back ligaments and muscles. A hospital stay is necessary after this surgery and the recovery takes several months.

Advantages of the Aurora ZIP Lumbar Fusion

By comparison to traditional back surgery, the Aurora ZIP Lumbar Fusion is a minimally invasive procedure.

It offers the following advantages:

If your low back and leg pain have not improved with physical therapy, oral medications, and other traditional therapies including lumbar injections, the Aurora ZIP Lumbar Fusion may be the right option for you! 

Stay tuned for updates on our patients' success with the Aurora ZIP procedure! 


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