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Dr. Neil Jolly Named an American Cancer Society "Cure By Design" Fundraising Honoree

Dr. Neil Jolly, Cure by Design Cure Honoree

Louisiana Pain Specialists is proud to recognized Dr. Suneil "Neil" Jolly as one of this year's Cure Champion Honorees for the 2023 Cure by Design fundraising campaign. 

In partnership with the American Cancer Society, funds raised by Cure by Design will be used to ensure that the unique needs of each cancer patient in Louisiana are met by delivering life-saving programs, services, and advanced research.

As a 2023 Cure Champion Honoree, Dr. Jolly will spend the next few months fundraising for Cure by Design. The fundraising campaign will culminate in the American Cancer Society's Cure by Design New Orleans Gala on Saturday, October 7, 2023, at the Sugar Mill. At the Gala, Cure Champion Honorees, attendees, participants, and volunteers come together to honor cancer survivors, spread the word about reducing cancer risk, and raise money to help the American Cancer Society save lives.

When asked about his support for the American Cancer Society, Dr. Jolly says, "We've all heard of the phrase "Fall Seven Times, Get up Eight." But how do we get up?  I've certainly fallen a few times in my life, and I have always been thankful for those that have lifted me up.  But cancer is perhaps the greatest fall a human being can take - which means there is an incredible opportunity for us to lift someone up affected by this devastating diagnosis -  a patient, a family member, or their community.  This opportunity is truly why I support this organization.  Taking part in this event gives me the chance to make a difference and honor those touched by cancer by raising funds for groundbreaking research and services for people dealing with cancer. I'm also participating to inspire hope for those facing the disease and raising money for the American Cancer Society's event to help save lives from cancer. 
I hope you'll consider signing up too.  Funds raised support cancer patient programs and groundbreaking research that can help save lives. This event also celebrates over 15.5 million cancer survivors nationwide. 15.5 MILLION. That's huge. That's why I'd love your support. Will you join me? And if you can't would you be so kind as to make a donation?
To donate directly to Dr. Jolly's campaign and to help save the live of those in Louisiana who are affected by cancer, you can visit his page: Dr. Neil Jolly Cure by Design
You can learn more about Cure by Design and even purchase tickets to the Gala here: Cure by Design


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