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Dr. Eric Sterne and the Minuteman procedure by Spinal Simplicity

Louisiana Pain Specialists' Dr Eric Sterne is helping lead the way in the latest minimally-invasive therapies in the field of interventional pain management. He is proud to offer the Minuteman procedure by Spinal Simplicity to his patients who otherwise might have failed more traditional treatment options for their leg and low back pain.


What is the Minuteman Procedure by Spinal Simplicity?

Spinal Simplicity's Minutement is a minimally-invasive, interspinous-interlaminar fusion device. It functions as a treatment option for low back and leg pain caused by degenerative disc disease, spondylolisthesis, trauma, and even cancer. As a cutting-edge alternative to higher-risk invasive spine surgery, during this short procedure a device is implanted into the spine through a very small incision with the intention of stabilizing the spine, which may cause a reduction of back and leg pain. It is an alternative to screws and rods used in fixation and fusion surgeries. This procedure's unique approach does not require the "stripping of healthy soft tissue, which leads to less blood loss, less post-procedure pain, shorter procedure times, and faster recovery versus traditional spinal fusion methods. The Minuteman is performed in what is considered a "safer zone" in the spine, which avoids potential damage to highly vascularized and neural structures. Sometimes the Minuteman can be performed with local anesthetic only, which also makes The Minuteman a viable treatment option for higher-risk patients who should avoid the general anesthesia involved in traditional spinal procedures because of their chronic health conditions.


Louisiana Pain Specialists and our providers are among the few in the Gulf Coast Region who currently offer this treatment. It is just another reason why we are leading the way in advanced technology and minimally-invasive procedures in the field of pain management.

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