Cold Weather & Back Pain

When the weather gets colder, we tend to feel more aches and pains. There are some scientific reasons why we feel this way. If you are suffering from back pain, the colder temperatures can actually make your conditions worsen. The cold weather can cause muscles, tendons and ligaments, which support your spine, to tighten. This can put strain on your spine and pull on the sensitive nerve endings, causing pain.

Most of your spine pain is caused by strain or injury to the muscles, tendons and ligaments that give it support. If these tissues are stiff and pull on sensitive nerve endings in the spine, it can feel like your back is hurting. Furthermore, tight or cold muscles, tendons or ligaments are much more susceptible to strain or injury.

Shivering is a typical response to a decrease in temperature. Shivering, or quick muscular contractions, helps naturally produce heat for the body. However, it can also leave muscles feeling stiff, cramped or tight.

During colder and shorter days, you are less likely to stick to your exercise regime. If you stop strengthening, core back problems that you may already have will get worse.

What you can do

Make sure your body stays warm. Consider wearing extra layers and be sure to keep your back and neck covered by tucking in your shirt and/or wearing a scarf. At home or at the office, keep the heat turned up and use an electric blanket to keep your muscles from tightening during the cooler night hours. Do not give up on your daily exercise regimes. Try to stick to your yoga, Pilates or exercises and keep doing them regularly.

If your back pain persists contact a professional.

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