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Can Hot Baths Lower Back Pain?

Hot Baths

A hot bath can make you feel so much better. The warmth and buoyancy have relaxing and healing effects which are useful if you are suffering from injuries, pain, anxiety, and depression. Heating pads can have similar results; however, they do not compare to a warm bath which surrounds your entire body. The warm water can increase the temperature of your muscles through deep heating. Basically, the warm water stimulates blood flow to stiff muscles and joints. The soothing warmth helps relax your muscles, reduce muscle spasms, and promotes tissue healing. A warm bath is also the ideal place to do some gentle stretching.

Simple Tip: To ease tension in your back pain, you could use a tennis ball. Place a tennis ball on the back of the tub and lean against it. Let the ball roll against your knotted muscles. If your tub has massage jets, use them!


Don’t Make It Too Hot

Baths can be very relaxing and even help reduce anxiety. Just be careful, super hot baths actually get your nervous system revved up. That means the relaxation you are feeling can be a bit of an illusion. Some people say that they cannot sleep well after a very hot bath. Therefore, it is not a good idea for an individual who has trouble sleeping to have a hot bath late in the evening.

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