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Avoid Back Pain This Holiday Season

Avoid Back Pain This Holiday Season

Back Pain

The holidays can be a rather stressful time. Usually you tend to take care of everybody else, but not yourself. Here are a few tips on how you can stay pain free this holiday season.

Plan Ahead

Plan ahead and get an early start. Make sure to leave some extra time in your schedule in case something takes longer than anticipated. By anticipating situations that may cause you stress and planning ahead, you may be able to reduce adverse effects, like exhaustion, which can lead to muscle, joint and back pain. If you feel you get overwhelmed, delegate tasks and don’t be shy to ask for help. Friends and family have been in similar situations and are usually more than willing to lend a helping hand. Also, this is a time of great food, but unfortunately, most of it is not healthy. Try to make sure to make healthy food choices and stay hydrated. Drink some water even if there is an open bar.


Dress Right

There will be plenty of parties that will require you to wear formal clothes including cocktail dresses. If it is an outdoor party, make sure to bring a warm coat or a warm warp, because even in New Orleans it can get chilly at night. The last thing you need during the holiday season is catch a cold or a sore back caused by tight muscles, tendons or ligaments. Of course, you will be wearing heels to many of these parties. When you wear high heels, your lower back is arched more than normal because the body weight is pushed forward. Just remember, spending hours with your body in this unnatural alignment can lead to muscle spasms and back pain. Consider taking a pair of flats in your purse and switch out shoes at the end of the night.

Get A Cart

Not all your shopping will be done online this holiday season. This means you will be carrying holiday presents as well as bottles, groceries and party supplies. All theses items can get very heavy. Schlepping bulky and other items can lead to back pain. Consider getting a collapsible grocery cart. Just leave it in your car and when you buy more than anticipated just fill it up. Your back and knees will thank you.

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